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Ameer Gilani

Prior to real estate, the majority of Ameer’s work experience revolved around international education, specifically focused on the international non-for-profit sector. He also brings a strong customer service orientation and work ethic, skills that he honed from his time as the Assistant Manager of a popular wine bar in Glover Park. Ameer’s diverse work experience has given him many of the skills needed to do well in this industry; effective communication, authentic client relations, robust knowledge of design and marketing platforms, and a meticulous attention to detail.

Born and raised in Pakistan, Ameer moved to the US in 2015. When not assisting the team with a variety of critical tasks, he also teaches yoga at CorePower Yoga.  Carefully blending his passions in business with his love of yoga helps him stay focused and balance the demands of his fast-paced job and the high energy that comes with working on a top producing team.  Ameer proudly lives in a rowhouse in Petworth, and is perpetually in awe at this gorgeous city that he calls home and the tremendous potential it has when it comes to real estate.

Ameer is licensed in the District of Columbia.