Thinking of selling?

The Thrive Team is an award-winning group of real estate agents working all across the DMV. From 500 square-foot condominiums, to 10-acre estates, we continue to shatter industry records, both for the amount of price/square-foot our sellers get, as well as for how quickly the homes we list end up selling! Our recent move to Compass allows us to collaborate with marketing and design experts, software engineers and data scientists, and robust analytical tools that enable us to sell your home faster, smarter, and for the least amount of stress. We also have a knack for making the process enjoyable for everyone involved.

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In just six years, Compass is valued at $4.4 Billion as a Tech-based Real Estate Company. And we -- The THRIVE Team - are proud of our extraordinary results when represented sellers in and around Washington DC. Our team is backed by top software engineers and data scientists who are building analytical tools to help you answer real estate’s toughest questions.

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  1. Compass Concierge

    Concierge lets you easily prepare your home for sale by fronting the cost of home improvement services like staging, painting and more. Let us help you sell your home faster and for more money.

    No hidden fees, no interest charged—ever.

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2. Valuation

What is the value of my property?

Our proprietary Valuation tool allows us to instantaneously compare your home to the most similar properties on and off the market to accurately determine its value.

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3. Network

How will my agent reach buyers?

We have 350+ parameters to determine comparable listings, identify cooperating brokers, and correspond with the ideal prospective buyers through a series of digital campaigns and targeted outreach.

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4. Insights

What analytics will my agent use to market and track my property?

We can now track the performance of your sale! Insights empowers us to take a data-driven approach to selling your home. Real-Time data allows us to track your sale's metrics useful for lead-generating opportunities.

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