See the stunning transformation in 7 DC neighborhoods across the last decade

It is no surprise that the housing market in DC has boomed in recent years, seeing explosive growth across the entire city. While millennials make up the largest segment of homebuyers today at 36%, rising home prices in the city has caused people to flock to neighborhoods which have seem lots of development over the last decade, including some of the projects.

Bisnow recently published a piece with images detailing all the incredible transformations in the city, which you can read here.

The Thrive Team is very active in the DMV real estate market, and uses a combination of data analytics, and current and future development projects to track "up-and-coming" markets. If you're curious about where to invest in order to build maximum equity, we can help.

And the DC development arena seems to be heating up --- STILL!

There seems to be no end in sight for DC's ultra competitive and highly complex development market.  The number of permit applications through DCRA are back to near record levels, and as this article points out, more development firms are raising entirely new pockets of capital to continue in the financing of development of both commercial, residential, and mixed-use space.

Great read here.